New Waves A solo exhibition of works by Jordan Bernier

Le Sigh A solo exhibition of works by Gina Beavers

"Real Time"
Jerome Acks, Justin Kelly, Margo Benson Malter, Nick Peelor, Alan Resnick, and Kate Steciw

FEEL HARDER A solo exhibition of works by Geoffrey Todd Smith
& The Art Formerly Known As Prints A collaborative exhibtion with Western Exhibitions, featuring Nudashank artists: Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Chris Day, Hermonie Only and Jimmy Joe Roche and Western Exhibitions Artists: Adriane Herman, Terence Hannum, Josh Mannis, William J. O'Brien, and Stan Shellabarger

Work Sites @ University of Maryland's Stamp Gallery
Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez, Jack Henry and Andrew Laumann organized for University of Maryland by Nudashank

Jack Henry & David Ostrowski A two-person exhibition of new works by Jack Henry and David Ostrowski

Nudashank @ Shoot The Lobster Shaun Flynn, David Ostrowski and Max Warsh

Primary Katie Bell, Tatiana Berg, Susan Bricker, Stacy Fisher, Amanda B. Friedman, Joanne Greenbaum, Clare Grill, Fabienne Lasserre, Lauren Luloff, Elisa Soliven

Black Foliage A group exhibition of black and white works, curated by Matthew Craven

Gran Prix A survey exhibition co-curated with Gresham's Ghost