Gresham's Ghost, in collaboration with Nudashank, is pleased to announce its eighth exhibition, Gran Prix. Gran Prix is the first Gresham's Ghost exhibit outside of New York, expanding the scope and geography of its curatorial discussion. The exhibition brings together twenty-eight artists from Baltimore and New York to highlight the growing conversation occurring between the two cities. As Baltimore's rapidly growing artistic community continues to develop, its impact and connections with artists working in more established enclaves has become both inevitable and vital.

Collectively, the artists in Gran Prix share the proclivity to seize the endless information surrounding them and process it without any pre-established hierarchies. More specifically, they frequently bypass the calcified barrier between nature and culture and navigate the dissolving membrane between real and virtual space. These artists fold these previously compartmental spaces into one another to create a landscape that might be a more accurate synthesis of contemporary reality.

Baltimore's contemporary art scene has always been active and in flux. The city's transient nature - New York being the goal for many- has kept it under the radar, where its progress has developed in small waves. The past few years have seen a sudden surge of artist-run galleries, and a more permanent structure for artists to engage with and cultivate their practice. The financial realities of the recession have brought artists to the equalizing conversational platform of the internet, creating work that relinquishes a fetish for the past and pushes forward, addressing the problems of contemporary life. These new rhythms are being heard not just in Baltimore but in several cities across the world, and so it is with pleasure that we now begin to extend these burgeoning virtual dialogues into parallel concrete interactions.


a collaboration between Nudashank and Gresham's Ghost

November 16th - December 16th 2012

Alisa Baremboym
Colin Benjamin
Lucas Blalock
John Bohl
Ethan Breckenridge
Dustin Carlson
Alex da Corte
Daniel Conrad
Caitlin Cunningham
Benjamin Degen
Lisa Dillin
Ara Dymond
Shaun Flynn
Skye Gilkerson
Lesser Gonzalez
Jesse Greenberg
Max Guy
Dina Kelberman
Justin Kelly
Christopher LaVoie
Hermonie Only
Erik Parker
Nick Peelor
Will Pierce
D'metrius Rice
Steven Riddle
Nick Vyssotsky
Colin Van Winkle

405 W. Franklin St.
Nudashank (3rd Floor)
Gallery Four (4th Floor)

429 N. Eutaw St.
Charles Fish & Sons Bldg. Storefront

425 N. Eutaw St.

Baltimore, MD

Opens November 16th 6pm - 10pm
Exhibition runs November 16th - December 16th, 2012

There will be open hours at all locations noon- 5pm every Saturday and Sunday for the duration of the exhibition. Additional programming TBA.